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Two Eagles on Ptolemaic Coins as Representations of Co-Regency


Acknowledgements :

     In addition to reading and commenting on the the manuscript, Norman Janzen, Edward Piers and Jim Russell, have also given me useful discussions, suggestions, and encouragement for which I would like to thank them. Special thanks to Anne Scott for help with translations.

Illustration Credits :

Part 1:  Coins of Ptolemy II,  using Mørkholm's letter designations for Ptolemy II 's denominations; 
            SNG-Cop. A=141, B=144, C=153, D=155; E=Sv439, F=Sv440.

Part 1a:  Coins of Ptolemy III,  using  Mørkholm's letter designations for for Ptolemy III 's denominations;
              SNG-Cop. A=171, C=175, D=176; Fi=178, Fii=232, H=183, I=186.

Part 1b:  Hoard data;  B=Sv497=Weiser 25=(Newell 54f, 4-7),  B*=Sv964=Weiser 71=(Newell 57f, 30-37),
              B**=Sv1126=Weiser 51=(Newell 61, 40-41).

Part 1c:  Coins of Ptolemy VI;  Sv1423=Malter 215,  Sv1424=SNG-Cop.305,  Sv1425=SNG-Cop.310, 
              Sv1426=SNG-Cop.314,  Sv1427=SNG-Cop.319.

Part 1d:  New Data;  Sv1423=Price 65,  Sv1375=Price 67,  Sv1424=Price 114,  Sv1495=Price 130.  

Part 2 and 2a:  PtII, Sv497=Noeske 66;  PtVI, Sv1380=CNG 76 n. 903;  PtVIII, Sv1424=Malter 217; 
                       PtIX, Sv1694=Malter 251,  PtX, Sv1713=SNG-Cop. 674;  CleoVII,  see manuscript plate 1.

Part 2b:  Additional evidence;  PtIX, Sv1695=Malter 253.  Cleopatra/ Caesarion; Dendera.

Part 3:    Sv1423=CNG 76 n. 891.

Part 4:    Summary;  B=Sv497=Weiser25=(Newell 54f, 4-7),  B*=Sv964=Weiser71=(Newell 57f, 30-37),
                           B**=Sv1126=Weiser51=(Newell 61, 40-41).  See also Part 1c for coins of Ptolemy VI.


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