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Two Eagles on Ptolemaic Coins as Representations of Co-Regency

Review of denominations of early Ptolemaic bronze coins  -  Ptolemy III 

The review of Ptolemy II's bronze coins (in Part 1) showed that if there are six denominations each had unique differences in their obverse and/or reverse.  This is consistent with a possibility that the Ptolemaic mint purposefully indicated various denominations by specific combinations of obverse and/or reverse types.  This possibility can be tested by seeing whether or not it held for coins that were produced shortly after those of Ptolemy II (284-246 BC) and were in circulation at the same time.Parts 1b and 1c readily show that two eagles do not indicate denomination.

Below is a table of denominations of Ptolemy III (246-221 BC) as given by Mørkholm.  Comparisons of the types of various denominations produced by Ptolemy III can be made by clicking on the large rectangular boxes at the far right.  Comparisons of the same denominations produced by both Ptolemy II and Ptolemy III are presented by clicking on the lowest large box.  Conclusions are presented below the table.

Module Obverse Reverse Diameter Weight Pt II
A Pt III Ammon eagle, cw 43-5 mm 59-78g c.68g B
B Pt III Ammon eagle,cw,hr,cs 40 mm 39-53g c.46g C
C Pt III Ammon eagle, cw 35 mm 28-38g - -
D Pt III Ammon eagle, cw 30 mm 19-25g c.22g D
E Pt III Zeus eagle, ow 27 mm 10-16g - -
Fi Pt III Ammon eagle, cw 25 mm 9-13g c.11g E
Fii Pt III Alexander eagle,cw,hr,cs 25 mm 8-12g
G Pt III Ammon eagle, cw, cs 20 mm 4.5-6g c.6.8g F
H Pt III Alexander eagle, cw 17 mm 3-5g c.5.2g G
I Pt III Ammon eagle, cw 16 mm 2-3g c.3.4g H
J Pt III Alexander eagle, cw 13 mm 1-2g - -

 O. Mørkholm, Early Hellenistic Coinage (Cambridge, 1991), p.107.

 ow = open wings;  cw = closed wings;  hr = head reverted;  cs = cornucopia at shoulder













Different denominations
with same obv. / rev.

Same denomination with
different obv. / rev.

Small denominations
with same obv. / rev.

Same denomination (of PtII and
PtIII) with different obv. or rev.

Click on one of the boxes above; a comparison of modules (i.e., denominations) will appear here.

Conclusions, based on the comparison, will appear below.

References and a general summary are also available (click on these labels above).


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