Coins of the Ancient Egyptians - Ptolemaic Dynasty: 323 to 30 BC


What is the significance of the two eagles on many Ptolemaic bronze coins?

This website gives a convincing answer to the question   "Why did the Ptolemaic mint place the image of two eagles on so many of its bronze coins?"

Based on countermarks, coin types and coin hoards, this website corrects a recently published faulty attribution for coins of Ptolemy VI.


This website shows that two types of Cypriot bronze coins frequently attributed to Ptolemy XII (80-51 BC) were clearly issued by his daughter Cleopatra VII and her co-regent Caesarion (44-30 BC).

This bronze coin, with an obverse female head showing corkscrew locks, a wreath of barley, and the legend QUEEN CLEOPATRA, represents Cleopatra I (180-176 BC) as Isis.

This review of the bronze coins of Ptolemies II, III, IV, V and VI shows that the Ptolemaic mint did not have a policy of denominational marking. As in the third century, denominational indication was by weight/size.

An analysis of weight/size data shows that there are serious flaws in a recently presented chronology for 2nd century bronze coinage.


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